[Poem] 4 pillars


Image credit HalTenny on DeviantArt.

shoot for the moon
even if you miss you’ll land among
the cold dead vacuum of space
where stars burn screaming

is asphyxiation my greatest fear
or society sucking my breath away
entombing it within four pillars
defined by negatives

1. values
your marriage, blasphemous
fem clothing disrespectful

2. growth
empty houses gather dust and interest
i’m sorry your payments were cancelled

3. truth
objection to objectiveness
i didn’t say that I never would
fake news

4. justice
welcome to your island getaway
Oz’s worst-kept secret
don’t drop your dignity on the way out

sequestered neath the surface
their scaly arms rub
flesh sloughing off in insincere waves

Rome went like this.
benevolence fell out of fashion with Aurelius
oh well
time still for smashed avo
on my toast

[Poetry] a royal vizier in ladytown


Image credit: The Mash: Andersonville, Chicago

under blankets, untold stories fill the screen
we’re cuddled close to velveteen
(she smells faintly of onions)
implausible contortions of an old familiar tale

Ladytown looks nice this time of day

we didn’t have to go this way
up and down a street filled with salons and antiques
some cushy veggie eats
fluffy clothing stores less dear than home

Ladytown has parapets
a patio too many –
one patio is too many for castles such as these

we will live here, you and i + our little son
calcifer! lord of fire!
king of sinks

friendly dyed-hair waiter brings the drinks

sweet Ladytown brings friends and big v i b r a t i o n s
a tiptoe past a tulip station
full of soft pink phalluses

a song is just a dick dressed in sheep’s clothing

[Poetry] velveteen


Image credit thomahawk1234 on Deviant Art

there’s an eye up in that lighthouse
baleful and blistering
insisting on surveillance of our
most petty ephemera

what’s your aesthetic?
nailed to the wall in shifting existential crises
this trip holds no surprises
for those cynical creatives
jaded by the rhetoric oozing down the wall

SPOOPY spelled in lacquered chunks

what’s your aesthetic?
invalidation and assault
don’t stop until we MAGA and force those suckers out
pussy grabbed and paid for
by our forefathers
wouldn’t they be proud to see our country standing tall?

SPOOPY drips and spatters on the wall

what’s my aesthetic?
same as anybody’s, anger
sharp shoulders, straightened back
gender abnormative disconformative liberal left-wing quack

I spread love irresponsibly
loom big above the bigots
embrace the 2am texts from a sexting supermoon

my aesthetic?
velveteen rabbit
wet fur clogging up the sink
and SPOOPY lettered out in goopy green

[Poetry] more about oceans

more about oceans

was it exciting to be on the seas
with bitter salt stinging your hair

trawling for treasure
on coasts of the main
with letters of marque
tight in hand?

Raiding ports, riding
on swells and crossed tides
laying out sweeps
aft and leeward

galley slaves beating on pendulous drums
shouts all around amidst broaching sound
cannons and men overboard!

we’re taking on water, my captain
don’t know how much longer we’ll last
as Brad said to Janet
when Furter began it
life’s pretty cheap to those chaps

Image credit Mightyninj4 on DeviantArt

[Poetry] Analysis paralysis

fear of failure anime

I’m drowning in life’s ephemera
admin tasks and worry around small and pointless things
financial future insecure
but values must be kept to
don’t take that job you’ll end up like your dad

what’s stopping me?
just go out and do it
no need to fret or worry
make a plan and off I go
follow dreams but practically

all the while
something’s amiss
I founder in a sea of I don’t knows
twenty four unemployed
and clueless

don’t wave your ideals in front of my face
and blind me to the practical

please just let me breathe
oh please just let me breathe
my lungs are caving in

I’m afraid

[Poetry] Gutted

I’ve been MIA for a little while, moving house and a few other life dramas. Hopefully I’m back now and will be putting things up as regularly as before! Here’s a short one on moving.


visiting hours are over
at the old house
taking one last look around its barren walls
its halls filled with scattered tools and
pools of debris
memories of my life here

is time all it takes to form attachments?
put a man with a pig and fondness will blossom
and a house is just the same

our nostalgia thrives in emptiness
summoned by ghosts of furniture past
conjured by couches gone missing
stolen by strangers
three-hundred buck thieves
leaving only trash we don’t want

well good
I never liked that couch

it’s funny: we move and hope for a difference
think that things won’t be the same as they are
but when we arrive in our new surroundings
we find that our lives haven’t gone very far
maybe backwards