[Podcast] That’s a Bookin: China Miéville’s Embassytown (Prelude)


The beginning of my rendition of China Miéville’s novel, Embassytown. China has been one of my absolute favorite authors for quite a little time now, with his incredible creative urban settings and beautifully realized and sculptured prose.

Please let me know what you think! I’ll hopefully be continuing with this novel for some time to come.

Direct link is here or listen to the embed below:


[Podcast] That’s a Bookin: “Odessa” by Harriet McInerney

Tree Sap Odessa Bookin cropped

For this episode, I used a new audio editing program, Reaper. I highly recommend it — it’s easy to use and really powerful! The episode came out sounding way better than my Ableton-mastered ones (though this could be a result of my own shortcomings!).

Also, “That’s a Bookin” has a theme song now! Let me know if you like the new stylings.

The original beautiful story by the talented Harriet McInerney can be found on the Mascara Literary review website.

Direct link to the Soundcloud audio is here.

[Podcast] That’s a Bookin: A Good Night’s Sheep

goat image

My read-aloud version of my short story “Chronicle the First: A Good Night’s Sheep” that I wrote as a companion story to the 14-episode absurdist story-telling podcast “No Good Story Comes to an End”.

Apologies for the occasionally crackly audio quality — there’s some problems with my settings in Ableton that led to this and I’m still trying to fix it up.

Future “That’s a Bookin’s” should be free of this problem ^__^ Enjoy! Direct link is here.

[Podcast] “That’s a Bookin” — short stories read aloud

I have a huge love for reading stories aloud — to friends, strangers, myself — and so I thought I may as well record some of them as part of a proposed podcast entitled That’s a Bookin’ and share the results with all of you, on the off chance you enjoy listening to them as much as I love recording them!

I have made a couple of test episodes using some recently published short stories from this very blog, and uploaded the results to Soundcloud. If you have any thoughts you’d like to share or any stories you’d like to hear me read, leave a comment below!