[Radio/podcast] Hayley Mary from the Jezabels on femininity, magic and Synthia


If you know me, then you’ve probably heard me rave on and on about The Jezabels. This four-piece band (from my own university, University of Sydney) absolutely captivated me the first time I saw them, a few years ago at a youth music festival up in Dee Why.

Since then, I’ve had the good fortune to attend every performance they’ve given in Sydney, following their musical progress from their first EPs through their first, second and now third album.

The Jezabels have won me over not only with their brilliant laid-back ambient indie music and frontperson Hayley Mary’s virtuoso stage performances, but with the messages in their music: strong, bold lyrics about feminism, femininity, and raw human experience.

Recently, tragic news about keyboardist Heather requiring treatment for a rare form of ovarian cancer resulted in the cancellation of their planned world tour this year. Despite this, the band is staying strong and went ahead with releasing their third studio album, Synthia, which just arrived (with signatures from the whole band!) and is beautiful.

I had the fantastic opportunity to chat with Hayley Mary for FBi 94.5 FM, my local community music station. Check out my piece on it for FBi here.


[Music] Smoke signals

This one’s mastered a little differently to my others, using REAPER instead of Ableton. I added a few effects that I hope you feel sound as good as I do!

Another brilliant example of songs that start off as something commonplace and ordinary and then transform into a strange existential exploration. Enjoy!

Listen below or for the direct link click here.

[Music] History Channeled (original song)

winteronthemoonlogo I wrote this one a few months ago. Now that I’ve finally got my recording stuff set up in my new place, expect a lot more audio and more of my songs coming your way soon!

“History Channeled” is another one of my signature ‘starts off as something and ends up oddly existential’ songs — dear evolution, why can’t I have nice things?

Listen to it in the embed below or on Soundcloud here.

[Music] Hulls Too Thin

A wandering, reflective song about a “what if?” situation, where two strangers meet on a beach on the edge of a storm. As always, had endless fun with the imagery in this one! I think it really lets the landscape in my head shine through.

Funnily enough, whenever I announce this one aloud, people are always confused by my accent, thinking I’ve said “halls” or “holes”. It’s only when written down that the confusion evaporates!