[Announcement] Podcast: Tales from Spasming Hill launching soon!

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I am excited to announce that my new podcast, Tales from Spasming Hill, will be launching very soon. We’re aiming for launch on Monday 13th of June (AEST).

Tales from Spasming Hill is an absurdist fantasy storytelling podcast set in the fictional town of Spasming Hill. The official description runs as follows:

Buried in the forests of Oregon and built thoughtlessly atop a fault line, the small community of Spasming Hill is home to friendly people, good clean living, and a mayor and her monstrous doppelganger that prowl the streets at night.

With a vast, sprawling containment complex, a local sport played only during violent earthquakes, and all the other familiar and highly classified elements of a welcoming community, Spasming Hill is probably just an ordinary town.

Join local reporter Rex Zorkel-Smythe and his newest intern Jacqueline Hyde as they bring you reports on the latest news, cultural happenings and council-mandated color-confiscation days in TALES FROM SPASMING HILL.

I hope you’re as excited as I am! It’s been a lot of work and I know my writing output here has suffered for it, but it’s heaps of fun to make and produce. Keep an eye out for further details here 🙂


[Blog] Radioplay (and maybe podcast!)


If you’re wondering where I’ve been these past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on a short radioplay! That’s right, a real script with real people doing voices for the fictional characters I’ve created who are nothing more than markings on a page.

It’s super exciting! Ever since my “No Good Story Comes to an End” podcast a couple of years ago, I’ve been looking for an opportunity or idea to properly revive my strange and spooky town of Spasming Hill in spoken form.

Keep an eye out for what I hope to be the first of many episodes! Spasming Hill’s vast underground containment complex has been shaken open by a morning earthquake, but Rex and Ulma, reporter and librarian, are on the scene to report for The Daily Spasm.

Fun times ahead – as Abe Lincoln said: “In the end it’s not the years of your life that count. Nothing you do counts. Your life is cold and meaningless. Surrender to despair.”

Image credit gregshepherddesign on DeviantArt

[Blog] Life update: jobs, freelancing and writing motivation

Dipper in house by coralinexnorman

I normally don’t do these actual blog entries, but I thought I’d provide a short update on what’s happening in my life!

You may have noticed my general writing output has declined lately. This is due to a few reasons — one of them is that I’ve actually managed to get a part-time job doing local-area Bondi reporting (this is a good thing!).

Another is that the numerous activities I’m involved in now — music, roleplaying, community radio, theatre, job, socializing — have conspired to eat up a lot of my time that would otherwise be used for writing cool things.

And finally, I’ve been in kind of a writing slump and feeling slump brought on by struggles with free gender expression in a scary normalized society plus writing motivation and purpose things. What is it all for? Why am I doing this? Am I writing in a vacuum?

And why is all the rum gone? (note that I don’t actually drink rum, but it’s still a good question!)

If you’ve ever written anything (or done anything creative whatsoever) I’ve no doubt you’ve felt this too! Congratulations, I have used my writing ability to fill up the internet with more angst. Hoorah!

I’ve also spent time playing way too many video games, which is a sure sign that I’ve not been travelling super well. Even though XCOM: Enemy Unknown is pretty fun, it distracts me from life in a way I’m not too happy with.

Anyway! There’s my update. I have lots of writing projects lined up in front of me, just need the feelings to come back so I can finish them. There’s this pretty good start about McGruff the Crime Dog. I’m excited for it! Hope I can manage it for you and me both soon!

Image credit coralinexnorman on DeviantArt/Gravity Falls.

[Blog] I met Cecil! And Welcome to Night Vale Live

Cecil WTNV

Last night, I had the rare and wonderful privilege to attend Welcome to Night Vale LIVE at the Sydney City Recital Hall! That’s right — as promised by definitely-the-real Joseph Fink and foretold by the Glow Cloud, WtNV made its ponderous way at last down to our distant, wild continent!

The performance itself was excellent and the fresh new episode as exciting as wheat and wheat by-products, but I won’t be spoiling anything about it here so you can experience its majesty yourself for the very first time. The only thing I will say is that Cecil’s voice reached new dramatic heights, there was beautifully awkward stranger-to-stranger interactivity, and the audience screamed themselves hoarse with rapturous delight.

My voice still hurt this morning!

Dessa WTNV

The episode’s weather was the very talented Dessa (pictured here on my left — check her out on Twitter or Bandcamp), accompanied by her friend Aby Wolf. She had some incredible melodic rap or hip hop and a hell of a stage presence! She filled the stage as well as my favorite performer, Hayley Mary from the Jezabels.

Dessa was the perfect accompaniment to a perfect night.

I know Joseph Fink talked about how difficult it is to get an independent podcast all the way to our farflung shores, but I cannot wait for their next visit — even if I have to pay their airfare myself!

[Announcement] I got published! “Bubblevision” in Phantasmagoria magazine issue 5

phantasmagoria cover issue five

I don’t get published all that often, but apparently Phantasmagoria magazine likes to pick up what I put down!

This is the third consecutive time I’ve made it into an issue of their fine publication (always with a rant!), and this time it was my piece “Bubblevision”, about evolution and perspectives.

If you want to check it out, you can view it here!