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Axl Rose

Axl Rose ranting at a concert

If you’ve been to as many concerts as I have – and even if you’ve been to a darn sight fewer – you know the feeling.

It’s the big night. You and Suzo have scored two tickets to the show, the room’s packed, you struggle through the support acts and finally out comes Steaming Hot Music Idol #1 and their drummer goons. Suzo shouts something inaudible at you over the roar of the crowd, and you shoot back an idiot grin. It’s going to be great!

Except it’s not. Halfway through the set, disaster strikes. Steaming Hot Music Idol #1 loses their riff, fumbles around a bit, then yells at the audience before stalking off stage, muttering obscenities. The drummer goons are left levering their sunglasses like 90s surfer bros and trading quizzical eyebrows with a discontented crowd.

giphy (1).gif

Look, audiences are important – without them, there’s no show at all – but sometimes the musician-crowd dynamic can go wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong. There’s even an entire reddit thread cataloguing people’s worst concert behaviour stories – half of them featuring repeat offender Axl Rose for whatever reason.

Who knows what goes wrong in these moments? Does the crowd psyche out the musician? Does the musician piss off the crowd? Whatever way you slice it, things happen. As Austin Powers said, it’s not my bag, baby.

giphy (2).gif

Do you have any stories of your most memorable concerts, good or bad? Text ‘em in on 0411 111 112 or call up! All this week, White Dude and Broski will be recounting YOUR worst and best concert memories on Breakfasts and rating them!


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