[Poetry] velveteen


Image credit thomahawk1234 on Deviant Art

there’s an eye up in that lighthouse
baleful and blistering
insisting on surveillance of our
most petty ephemera

what’s your aesthetic?
nailed to the wall in shifting existential crises
this trip holds no surprises
for those cynical creatives
jaded by the rhetoric oozing down the wall

SPOOPY spelled in lacquered chunks

what’s your aesthetic?
invalidation and assault
don’t stop until we MAGA and force those suckers out
pussy grabbed and paid for
by our forefathers
wouldn’t they be proud to see our country standing tall?

SPOOPY drips and spatters on the wall

what’s my aesthetic?
same as anybody’s, anger
sharp shoulders, straightened back
gender abnormative disconformative liberal left-wing quack

I spread love irresponsibly
loom big above the bigots
embrace the 2am texts from a sexting supermoon

my aesthetic?
velveteen rabbit
wet fur clogging up the sink
and SPOOPY lettered out in goopy green

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