[Blog] Life update: jobs, freelancing and writing motivation

Dipper in house by coralinexnorman

I normally don’t do these actual blog entries, but I thought I’d provide a short update on what’s happening in my life!

You may have noticed my general writing output has declined lately. This is due to a few reasons — one of them is that I’ve actually managed to get a part-time job doing local-area Bondi reporting (this is a good thing!).

Another is that the numerous activities I’m involved in now — music, roleplaying, community radio, theatre, job, socializing — have conspired to eat up a lot of my time that would otherwise be used for writing cool things.

And finally, I’ve been in kind of a writing slump and feeling slump brought on by struggles with free gender expression in a scary normalized society plus writing motivation and purpose things. What is it all for? Why am I doing this? Am I writing in a vacuum?

And why is all the rum gone? (note that I don’t actually drink rum, but it’s still a good question!)

If you’ve ever written anything (or done anything creative whatsoever) I’ve no doubt you’ve felt this too! Congratulations, I have used my writing ability to fill up the internet with more angst. Hoorah!

I’ve also spent time playing way too many video games, which is a sure sign that I’ve not been travelling super well. Even though XCOM: Enemy Unknown is pretty fun, it distracts me from life in a way I’m not too happy with.

Anyway! There’s my update. I have lots of writing projects lined up in front of me, just need the feelings to come back so I can finish them. There’s this pretty good start about McGruff the Crime Dog. I’m excited for it! Hope I can manage it for you and me both soon!

Image credit coralinexnorman on DeviantArt/Gravity Falls.

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