This Is Not A Review of “The Pride” (On Double Standards in Queer Theatre)

This is a very insightful, one of a kind piece that gave me a lot to think about. Like all the best articles, it made me realize something that’s been in front of me but I’ve never seriously considered!

Charles O'Grady

This weekend I walked out of a show for the first time in my life.

I am, by and large, a generous consumer. I don’t like to hate things, nor do I get anything out of it. In my mind, entering into a theatre is entering into a contract with the creators and performers: they are promising to entertain, move, or educate me, and I am promising to wait until they are done before judging what they have shown me. The idea of walking out of something, ever, whether I’m noticed or not, is terrifying to me.

But on Friday night, a friend and I left Darlinghurst Theatre’s The Pride at interval, without hiding and with hardly any deliberation.

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