[Blog] I met Cecil! And Welcome to Night Vale Live

Cecil WTNV

Last night, I had the rare and wonderful privilege to attend Welcome to Night Vale LIVE at the Sydney City Recital Hall! That’s right — as promised by definitely-the-real Joseph Fink and foretold by the Glow Cloud, WtNV made its ponderous way at last down to our distant, wild continent!

The performance itself was excellent and the fresh new episode as exciting as wheat and wheat by-products, but I won’t be spoiling anything about it here so you can experience its majesty yourself for the very first time. The only thing I will say is that Cecil’s voice reached new dramatic heights, there was beautifully awkward stranger-to-stranger interactivity, and the audience screamed themselves hoarse with rapturous delight.

My voice still hurt this morning!

Dessa WTNV

The episode’s weather was the very talented Dessa (pictured here on my left — check her out on Twitter or Bandcamp), accompanied by her friend Aby Wolf. She had some incredible melodic rap or hip hop and a hell of a stage presence! She filled the stage as well as my favorite performer, Hayley Mary from the Jezabels.

Dessa was the perfect accompaniment to a perfect night.

I know Joseph Fink talked about how difficult it is to get an independent podcast all the way to our farflung shores, but I cannot wait for their next visit — even if I have to pay their airfare myself!

2 thoughts on “[Blog] I met Cecil! And Welcome to Night Vale Live

  1. Throw in a Melbourne side show, and I’ll put my wallet aside yours! Saw the Melbourne show last Saturday and it was every thing you said. So, so amazing, (and I truly have a giant girl crush on Dessa right now!)


    • Oh absoutely! I feel like if the only choice was Melbourne or nothing I’d probably take a trip down to Melbourne to see a WtNV live show!

      We were using WtNV quotes in our D+D campaign last night – drink Aveon-brand water beverage! The other beverage experiences are poisoned – probably.


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