[Poetry] Gutted

I’ve been MIA for a little while, moving house and a few other life dramas. Hopefully I’m back now and will be putting things up as regularly as before! Here’s a short one on moving.


visiting hours are over
at the old house
taking one last look around its barren walls
its halls filled with scattered tools and
pools of debris
memories of my life here

is time all it takes to form attachments?
put a man with a pig and fondness will blossom
and a house is just the same

our nostalgia thrives in emptiness
summoned by ghosts of furniture past
conjured by couches gone missing
stolen by strangers
three-hundred buck thieves
leaving only trash we don’t want

well good
I never liked that couch

it’s funny: we move and hope for a difference
think that things won’t be the same as they are
but when we arrive in our new surroundings
we find that our lives haven’t gone very far
maybe backwards


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