[Blog] Society, please – knitwear is for everyone

knitwear dressI don’t normally write blog posts of this nature, but I would just like to reiterate that society’s gender norms are horrible. Imagine: some people are expected to go through life without ever wearing a knitwear dress. Now, if you’ve ever worn a knitwear dress yourself, you’ll understand the magnitude of this crime. How can we even maintain the pretense of equality when fully half the population lacks the sublime experience that is being enfolded by a soft, woven cloak of wool fibers? It makes a complete mockery of the claim that we are ‘civilized’ or ‘advanced’ when society at large cannot tolerate the thought of half its population publicly reveling in such exquisite garments.

I recently bought a new knitwear dress and now know a true happiness quite removed from the simple consumerist thrill of acquisition. I encourage you all to do the same.

4 thoughts on “[Blog] Society, please – knitwear is for everyone

  1. I “liked” this post because I believe a lot of gender norms are artificial constructs. Unless you are very dry in your sarcasm and actually think people are idiots for violating gender norms and are mocking them. In which case, I like your post because you are clever. You really ought to have two “like” buttons, so I can pick the right one.


    • Thanks for the support! Gender norms are undoubtedly artificial constructs, and quite damaging. I certainly support people challenging gender norms, because if people don’t, then nothing will change. It takes people speaking and acting out against these outdated norms to motivate change.


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