[Poetry] Ditch digging

the Romans lived among pillars:
Ionic, Dorian, Corinthian
ribbed for grip and pleasure
pedestals rubbed raw by philosophers
the keisters of kings
debutante derriere
statuesque status bestowed at cost

thrust into backdrops and backgrounds
gleaming show-stealers
thrust into his back

titans of time, of truth
community and economy
unchangingly faithful to the end

we can’t measure up to pillars which loom behind us
I know because I’ve tried
but as you climb them they grow
boosted by mind and circumstance
by chance and expectations

they grow as their ivy grows with them
thrusting into foregrounds
obscuring hope with sheer enormity

they topple as we weave between
the furrows

carved from stone
we their victims tremble
dwarfed by our pillars
pillars bought and built and paid for
to make us feel small


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