[Poetry] Wizard Hero

This is something a little different to what I usually write – poetry! It’s about this really cool, inspirational, and talented person I met at the literature society at my university (that I joined two years after graduating!).

I met this guy called Charlie:
Charlie O’Grady, except I call him Greedy
Though I can’t remember why.
Historical reasons, mainly, though
Does yesterday count as history?

Anyway, I think he is a wizard or something.
No, he’s really magic
He can shoot poetry from his fingertips and
Sing with this wicked voice and
Do other cool shit too!

He’s one of those people you want to hate
But can’t because they’re nice.
Really, it’s just jealousy –
Why can’t I be like them?
I think of the Happy Park Images for calmness
And it works like tea.

Tea is wizards, too.
I think Charlie must drink tea at the wizards’ convention
Where they practice their spells and mutter
Incantations about ponies and cows from space.
Also, he must be a wizard
Because his hair is made of rainbows.


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